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Who We Are

The International Center for Evaluation and Development (ICED) fills an important gap in the global evaluation architecture. It is the first Africa-based international think-tank that combines research and innovation with extensive practical experience in evaluation for development in Africa. With our operating headquarters in Kenya, and West Africa.

Our Mission

To enhance the generation, synthesis and uptake of evidence for better policy and action through Research, Innovation, Monitoring and Evaluation.

Our Vision

Our vision is to set a global south where evidence drives policies and actions for transformation of lives and livelihoods.

Our Values

Our value proposition is to ensure our effectiveness as a member of the global community of professionals monitoring and evaluation practitioners.

How We Work

At the core of ICED’s establishment is the belief that Africa now needs more targeted initiatives to encourage and advance thought and practice leadership in the Monitoring and Evaluation profession. ICED assumption is that if trends and priorities are well-identified; existing expertise and innovations in Africa highlighted and developed hand in. 


ICED Highly Aspires

Pillars of ICED

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