“Nutritional well-being is a prerequisite for the achievement of the full social, mental and physical potential of a population so that all people can lead full, productive lives and contribute to the development of the community and the nation with dignity.”

– Food and Agriculture Organization/World Health Organization

Lack of proper nutrition affects not only an individual but their community as well. Malnutrition resulting from deficiencies in the fundamental nutrients negatively impacts the mental and physical wellbeing of an individual, which in turn leads to poor health and general performance. As a result, the community, a collective group of individuals at its core, suffers when its foundation is malnourished.

Additionally, malnourished individuals may require medical care, resulting in missed hours of work and financial strain on the family and the community. Ultimately, malnutrition can be considered an affecting factor for multiple sectors of the community and nation’s development. Providing access to proper nutrition, therefore, enhances the possibility of a community’s growth and development across the board.

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