Evidence to Action 2024

ISSER Conference Hall,
Accra, Ghana
22 to 26 July, 2024

Resilience and Climate Change Adaptation

About the Conference

The Evidence to Action (E2A) Conference 2024 will provide a platform for discussing innovative research and evidence on climate change and its impact on Sub-Saharan Africa. The conference will also focus on identifying practical solutions and strategies to address the challenges posed by climate change in the region. By bringing together experts, policy makers, and stakeholders, the conference aims to foster collaboration and drive action towards a more sustainable and resilient future for Sub-Saharan Africa.

conference objectives

What the Conference Seeks to Achieve

Knowledge Sharing

The conference will facilitate the exchange of knowledge, research, and best practices in resilience and climate change adaptation. By bringing together leading experts in the field, we aim to create a platform for idea generation and knowledge sharing.


The conference will provide an opportunity for participants to network and build connections with professionals from various industries, organizations, and regions. By fostering collaboration and partnerships, we aim to strengthen the global resilience community and promote innovative solutions.

Policy Dialogue

The conference will provide a platform for policymakers, government representatives, and stakeholders to engage in meaningful discussions on climate change adaptation policies. By fostering dialogue and collaboration between policymakers and experts, we aim to contribute to the development of evidence-based policies that support resilience and sustainability.

Innovation & Technology

The conference will focus on highlighting innovative and technological solutions that can support resilience and adaptation to climate change. By highlighting advancements in technology, such as renewable energy systems, resilient infrastructure, and early warning systems, we aim to stimulate innovation and drive transformative change.

Capacity Strengthening

The conference will enhance the knowledge and skills of participants in resilience and climate change adaptation. Through workshops, training sessions, and presentations by experts, we aim to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to adapt to the evolving climate challenges.

Collaboration & Action

The conference will foster collaboration and action among participants to address climate change resilience and adaptation challenges. By facilitating partnerships, collaboration initiatives, and project proposals, we aim to translate knowledge and ideas into actions that contribute to building resilient communities and ecosystems.

Why Participate?

Network with 400+ researchers and evaluation experts.
Interact with policy-makers from across the continent.
Provide thought leadership and contribute to policy recommendations on various themes.
Develop new strategic partnerships.
Strategically position your institutional brand to an international audience.

Opening Speakers

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Partnership opportunities:

There are several ways in which organizations can support the Conferences:

  • Provide direct financial support to the Conference Secretariat to facilitate the organization of the Conference.
  • Contribute to the outcome from the event — a “Call to Action” that is expected to influence policy formulation and decision- making within the continent.
  • Convene side events or breakout sessions or side events linked to the overall Conference theme and sub- themes.
  • Participate in the Conference as an exhibitor to show-case your institution’s activities.
  • Sponsor high level speakers and technical experts to address the event.
  • Sponsor delegates or special interest groups (such as delegates from around the African continent) to attend the Conference.
  • Support the cocktail as an opportunity for participants to network.

Sponsors and Partners

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