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About Us

The International Centre for Evaluation and Development (ICED) is an independent, African-owned and African-led think tank that applies monitoring and evaluation (M&E) in the development sector. ICED uses the outputs of evaluation to contribute to and enhance development outcomes and impacts, concentrating on Africa, where the need for its expertise is greatest.

How we
stand out

Diverse intellectual resources
Accelerating innovation
By Africans, for Africa
Agility and strong professional networks


To enhance the generation, synthesis and uptake of evidence for better policy and action through Research, Innovation, Monitoring, and Evaluation.


A global south where evidence drives policies and actions for transformation of lives and livelihoods.

Our Story

ICED was created in 2016 to fill an important gap in the evaluation of development initiatives focusing on the Global South, that is to say the group of 133 developing and underdeveloped countries as listed by the Finance Centre for South-South Cooperation (except China).

At the implementation level, ICED works with local governments and related entities, policy makers, decision makers, managers and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) funders and commissioners to test M&E innovations in the field, including in cross-cultural contexts and paradigms.

Our Global Presence

With its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya, an office in Ghana, and other dedicated staff members around sub-Saharan Africa, ICED is also able to partner with other international development organizations. These partnerships are realized in the form of institutional collaborations, project managements, and joint event coordination and participation. Through these partnerships, ICED is able to enhance its contributions to the M&E sector, build a stronger global network and make a greater impact across the Global South.
Sustainable development programs
Training workshops conducted
Research projects completed

Our Approach

ICED advances the use of M&E to support sustained and resilient development in Africa by advancing thought and practice leadership in the M&E profession. To achieve this, it combines high level research and evaluation knowledge and skills with extensive practical experience that is sensitive and responsive to culture, value systems and local context. The activities carried out by ICED through research, monitoring and evaluation are aimed at ensuring Africa’s development. This includes supporting local governments and related entities in developing evidence-based policies and implementing sustainable programs. The projects generally extend throughout the African continent to ensure that the continent, and eventually, the Global south, benefit as a whole.

Our strengths

Diverse intellectual resources
the ICED team’s experience is drawn from across the world and a variety of sectors, creating an agile resource with multidisciplinary capacity.
Catalyzation and inspiration of innovation
ICED promotes collaboration to avoid duplication and overlap in actions, thus focusing on bringing about innovation.
Context and culture-sensitivity
ICED is the first think-and-do tank based in and focused on Africa and led by Africans, so it has the advantage of understanding the local context and being sensitive to cultural aspects in projects.
Agility and strong professional networks
ICED is open to changing with the new realities of the modern world and has developed a strong professional network across the globe to learn from for adaptation of its work and approach.

Our Team

ICED has its head office in Nairobi, Kenya; an office in Accra, Ghana, that supports activities in West Africa; and a satellite office in Maputo, Mozambique. In addition, ICED has a presence of staff in Kampala, Uganda. Besides its in-house full-time consultants, ICED has a pool of African experts in various fields based in different African countries who it can call upon within a short notice when their expertise is required. This affords ICED the flexibility to handle multiple assignments concurrently.
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