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Open Access Resource:

Questionnaire Toolkits on the Impact of Infrastructure on Nutritious Diets, Women’s Economic Empowerment, and Gender Equality
The International Centre for Evaluation and Development (ICED) is pleased to release a comprehensive collection of research questionnaires used in a recent study on the impact of infrastructure on three critical outcomes: nutritious diets, women's economic empowerment, and gender equality. This initiative involved sub-awards to five esteemed institutions across three countries, each conducting focused evaluations on the specified outcomes.

To view or download the questionnaires, simply click any of the the links below.
Nutritious Diet Questionnaire
View Questionnaire
Qualitative Questionnaire
View Questionnaire
Women's Economic Empowerment Questionnaire
View Questionnaire

About the Research

This research project aimed to explore how various types of infrastructure—irrigation, market access, roads, and energy—affect the availability of nutritious diets, empower women economically, and contribute to gender equality. The findings provide valuable insights into the intersection of infrastructure development and social outcomes, highlighting key areas for policy intervention and future research.

Available Resources

ICED has compiled all the questionnaires used by the sub-awardees during their evaluations. These tools are now available as an open-access resource, allowing researchers, policymakers, and practitioners to:

Access the Questionnaires

We encourage researchers and practitioners to utilize these resources and contribute to the ongoing dialogue on the crucial role of infrastructure in achieving sustainable and inclusive development.

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By providing this comprehensive resource, ICEDseeks to empower the research community and foster collaborative efforts to drive meaningful change in the areas of nutrition, economic empowerment, and gender equality.