Our Available M&E Programs

Our programs are aligned to the need identified by its founders based on their extensive experience in the field of development-related monitoring and evaluation. Through its work, ICED aims to give priority to evaluation and development in the Africa while drawing from, and contributing to, Monitoring and evaluation theory and practice across the world. It will focus solely on research and innovation in evaluation, and on learning from it.

Evaluation Research and Innovations

Development framed by the Sustainable Development Goals brings remarkable new opportunities and challenges. Innovative and contextual monitoring and evaluation-based evidence will inform policies and decisions for development through our use of research, impact evaluations, innovations and forecast trends on critical issues.

Public and Private Institutions M&E System Development and Adaptive Management

This program focuses on providing thought leadership and technical support to public and private non-state organizations to build M&E systems and capacity. ICED works alongside clients to use M&E as a management tool to facilitate systematic tracking and management of performance to ultimately deliver results.

Policy Engagement, Knowledge Management and Convening

ICED seeks to disseminate research and innovation in evaluation for development to various stakeholders and share recommendations. Through this process of collaboration, the ICED team seeks to strengthen partnerships, increase generation and adoption of evidence into policy & decision – making and influence adoption of evidence in policy & decision-making.

Capacity Strengthening and Professional Development

Capacity building is integral to ICED‘s efforts to provide, inspire, and support thought and practice leadership in the evaluation profession. Through these programs, ICED will promote evaluation theory and practice, and utilization of high-quality evaluation that fosters sustainable effective evaluation practice

Cross Cutting Theme: Institutional Capabilities and Transformation

ICED aims to build institutional capabilities and improve decision making therefore increasing brand presence and visibility and securing financial sustainability. These tools support and streamline organizational structure, systems & processes, attract and retain top talent while diversifying resource streams.

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