ARN Feature – 2023 Feed the Future Innovation Labs Regional Partners Conference in Nairobi, May 15-19

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ARN participates in the 2023 Feed the Future Innovation Labs Regional Partners Conference in Nairobi

From May 15-19, 2023, the ALL-IN Research Network (ARN) participated in the 2023 Feed the Future Innovation Labs Regional Partners Conference, in Nairobi, Kenya. The theme for the event was “Systemic and Innovative Solutions for Climate Adaptation and Mitigation in Agriculture, Food, and Nutrition Systems”. The conference’s objectives were:

  • understanding the geographical variations, priorities, and trade-offs associated with climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • highlighting challenges in implementing systemic and scalable solutions as well as embracing opportunities for local leadership and international collaboration.

Annesofie Misiani, ARN’s program manager at the International Centre for Evaluation and Development (ICED), joined a panel of experts to discuss practical ways to strengthen academic and expert networks for climate change resilience. She also presented on how to form such networks and integrate socially marginalized perspectives for socially equitable outcomes in uncertain times.

Annesofie shared lessons from the formation of the ARN, placing emphasis on its mission: to support and strengthen the capacity of the African research community to fully engage and take the lead in defining research priorities that build pathways to local policy impacts. “From our experience, there are important capacity gaps among global south researchers. These include limited capacity to develop fundable proposals, [limited] access to funding opportunities and even management of large grants. ARN exists to bridge these gaps,” says Annesofie.

She added, “ARN supports the creation of locally led and locally relevant research agendas, and its engagement with local research institutions leverages their local expertise and relationships with stakeholders and policymakers to share recommendations.”

Annesofie presented alongside Dr. Antony Chapoto, the IAPRI Research and Innovation director and ANAPRI technical chair, and Dave Hoisington, director of Peanut Innovation Lab at University of Georgia.