The ALL-IN Research Network is a collaborative initiative between the International Centre for Evaluation and Development (ICED) and the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Markets, Risk and Resilience (MRR Innovation Lab) at the University of California, Davis. The Network provides opportunities for African researchers to learn by doing in collaboration with mentors and peers from the Network’s management institutions and their research networks. All invited researchers become part of a virtual research consortium which includes participation in learning events, annual meetings, and training programs. These events, along with other ad-hoc meetings as appropriate, further enhance capacity and create opportunities for future areas of inquiry that both broaden and deepen research networks for all participants. The Network also circulates grant opportunities, gives participants the chance to form teams and provides peer feedback on grant applications.

African researchers generating actionable evidence to support effective development policies in their countries.

The ALL-IN Research Network strengthens the capacity of African researchers and related social scientists in Africa and global south countries to fully engage and take the lead in defining research priorities that have transformative impacts on public policy in their countries. The Network has a particular focus on supporting the development of high-quality research grant proposals for large-scale international funding opportunities.

  • Serve as a center for research excellence for the global development community
  • Increase recognition of and demand for African-led research
  • Leverage the existing skills, knowledge and ideas of local researchers
  • Support local capacity strengthening
  • Increase collaboration and funding opportunities for members of the ALL-IN Research Network.
Dr. David Ameyaw


Pro. Michael Carter


Tara Chiu


Annesofie Misiani


The ARN also supports members with capacity strengthening activities and resources. The capacity strengthening activities offered to network members include:
Workshops & learning events
Resource Distribution