Sheila Agyemang Oppong

Research Fellow/Program Officer
“I'm enthused to work on anything that positively impacts the lives and livelihoods of the vulnerable.”

— Sheila Agyemang Oppong

As a Post Doctorate Fellow in the ICED Ghana office, Sheila Agyemang Oppong actively contributes to strengthening the generation, synthesis, and practical application of evidence to inform policymaking. Working closely with the Research and Innovation team, she engages in research spanning various domains, including the development of user-friendly Evidence and Gap Maps (EGMs), and crafting Evidence-Based Decision-Making Products (EBDMPs), along with various other project-related duties.

Sheila holds a Ph.D. in Development Economics from University of Ghana. Her current work at ICED is informed by her previous work experiences, including her role as a teaching assistant in the Department of Economics, as well as her involvement in research and internships in organizations like the Office of Research, Innovation and Development (ORID) at the University of Ghana, and the United Nations University – World Institute for Development Economic Research (UNU-WIDER). Her academic and research background, along with her engagement in development-related projects, supports her contributions to ICED's commitment to research, innovation, and evidence-based decision-making in the development sector.

Sheila enjoys the dynamic and multidisciplinary nature of research and policy work that offers continuous opportunities for learning and personal growth. She is inspired by the challenge of staying updated and acquiring new skills.

Outside of her work, Sheila enjoys organizing and decluttering. She finds satisfaction in creating order and efficiency in various aspects of life, from arranging physical spaces to structuring information for clarity and accessibility.

Location: Ghana