Miriam Oppong

Research and Information Specialist
“My inspiration is intrinsic, I always want to do better today than I did yesterday.”

— Miriam Oppong

As a Research Associate at ICED, Miriam Oppong is involved in ongoing research, working actively with the Research and Innovation team to provide cutting edge evidence-based project deliverables.

Miriam is currently a Ph.D candidate at the University of Ghana and received postgraduate training in food chains agriculture at the University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf (HSWT) in Germany. She has worked as a research fellow at Africa Centre for Development Research (ACDEVR), and also has professional experience as an agribusiness consultant with the University of Sheffield on the UK-Ghana circular economy project. Her earliest work experiences include a graduate national internship at GIZ Ghana, accounting at Dorest Enterprise Ghana, and a role as an associate auditor at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Miriam is a self-motivated person. Her inspiration is intrinsic, and she always strives to do better each day. Miriam likes to take stock of her life at regular intervals to see what adjustments she can make in decisions for the future. She believes in research and policymaking that is evidence-led. Her favorite saying, when someone states something as a "fact", is "Where is the evidence?" This belief fuels her passion about the work being done by ICED because she sees it as an embodiment of Africa's future: a future where policymaking and research work is not done in a vacuum but is based on evidence.

When Miriam is not busy reading and expanding her learning, she spends her free time volunteering, reading to children and supporting their literary development.

Location: Ghana