Clarice Panyin Nyan

Research and Evidence Synthesis Fellow
"Good things do not come easy [in] life. I am inspired to work hard to escape mediocrity."

— Clarice Panyin Nyan

As a Program Officer at ICED, Clarice Panyin Nyan leads the Research and Innovation Unit on the Gender Equity and Governance (GEG) project, as well as supporting the team in fulfilling all project requirements.‍

Clarice holds a MPhil. in Statistics and a B.Sc. in Statistics and Computer Science from University of Ghana. Prior to joining ICED, she worked as a research officer with the Institute of Statistical Social and Economic Research (ISSER) at University of Ghana, where she designed, scheduled, and managed surveys. Her work in the non-profit sector, supporting ICED in impacting lives with evidence-based research outputs, is inspired by her desire to escape mediocrity and fuels her hardworking nature.‍

Outside of work, Clarice enjoys time out with the family and discovering new cuisines at restaurants.‍

Location: Ghana