ICED team in Ethiopia engaging for Evidence to Action Conference

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A team from The International Centre for Evaluation Development (ICED) led by the President and CEO, Dr. David Ameyaw is in Ethiopia holding talks with Officials of the Ethiopian Ministry of Planning and Development, other partners and civil society organizations on the progress of the Evidence to Action Conference to be held in Ethiopia this year.

The ICED team, which also has Dr. Solomon Zena Walelign Director of Research, met with the Minister for Planning and Development, Dr. Fitsum Assefa Adela, State Ministers of the Ministry of Planning and Development H.E. Sandokan Debebe and Hon. Tirumar Abate Ayalew, H.E. Professor Beyene Petros, the Director General of the Policy Studies Institute, H.E. Dr. Becker Shale, Director General of the Ethiopian Statistics Services, the President of the Ethiopian Economics Association, Prof. Mengistu Kete and the President of the Ethiopian Evaluation Association, Mr. Seifu Tadesse.