East Africa Regional Horticulture Report

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The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Horticulture together with its Consortium and partner institutions, organized regional workshops to identify opportunities and challenges in the horticultural sector. The workshops were a culmination of surveys, focus groups, desk-reviews, and of course an in-person, multi-day workshop with local experts in horticulture, gender equity, youth engagement, and nutrition, and from both public and private institutions.

To learn more about workshop held in East Africa please visit this workshop blog. The Regional Workshop was hosted by Regional Hub Manager host organization, the International Center for Evaluation and Development.

The findings in this East Africa Regional Horticulture Report will guide the design and implementation of locally led, globally supported programs that will produce systemic, sustainable, and inclusive improvements in the horticulture sector. Furthermore, the report itself is a tremendous resource for understanding the horticulture sector in the East Africa region.