Roberta Blankson

Senior Program Officer

Roberta Blankson is a young African female leader with a passion for international development Over the past years, she has worked with several governments, donors, international partners, civil society organisations and communities of practice to design and implement public programmes and policies, monitor and evaluate interventions to enhance development effectiveness. She has played lead roles in the design and delivery of capacity building programmes, international conferences and workshops, all geared towards accelerating development effectiveness, bolstering economies, reducing poverty and inequalities, empowering women and improving livelihoods. She has joined ICED as a Senior Program Officer for the East and West Africa Country Offices, where she provides strategic and operational oversight and management of the President and CEO’s Offices. She supports high-level strategic engagements, and coordinates activities of the International Board of ICED. She also coordinates a number of projects with international partners. She is also the Head of Administration of the Ghana Country Office. Roberta has cross-sectoral experience from working within civil society, private and public sector. Prior to joining ICED, she supported the Office of the President of Ghana’s Monitoring and Evaluation Secretariat as well as the Ministry of Monitoring and Evaluation (MoME) in enhancing Ghana’s monitoring and evaluation (M&E) culture through M&E capacity development and improving evidence-based decision making and implementation in public institutions. She also served as the Secretary to the Ministerial Advisory Board of MoME from 2019-2021. She has worked with the Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation and was also a Corporate Banker with First Atlantic Bank Ghana. Roberta holds a Master’s Degree in Development Finance and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Banking and Finance Specialization. She is passionate about ethical public leadership and building a cadre of strong women equipped to aspire for and occupy the highest echelons of leadership and decision making in the world. She has excellent English language proficiency and a working knowledge of French. She loves to read, write creatively, and sightsee.