Stephine Ogutu

Stephine Ogutu is a Communications and Knowledge Management Specialist with accumulated 7 year work experience in the development sector having worked with local and international development institutions across different countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Stephine has strong experience in developing strategies around Communications, Partnerships, Knowledge Management Systems, Research and Capacity Building. With his vast research and hands-on experience with the public development sector he has managed and successfully played key roles in supporting projects that cuts across: Health, Agribusiness/Agriculture, Governance and Accountability, Community Development Advocacy, Peace Building, Countering Violent Extremism (CVE). As a seasoned communication expert, Ogutu has been involved in media relations where his knowledge and experience has seen him being part of many local and international interviews including BBC News on trending issues that bothers in the interest of African development. Furthermore, he has vast skills and knowledge in program design and implementation.

Also, as an experienced project manager, Ogutu has helped in partnership building and management in various private and public projects in various counties in Sub-Saharan Africa. These has seen major drive towards the enhancement and actualization of the global SDGs in those countries. He is also trained expert in Collaboration Learning and Adaptation (CLA) which he uses to design new interventions which can be used to enhance collaboration of systems and global developmental best practices. Stephine has served as a governance, policy and core SDGs advocate where he lean his voice on issues bothering on sustainable peace, the depleting nature of the health sector, food security and the marginalized low income earners in Africa.

One of his core skill set is his ability to compile very extant research findings and develop comprehensive report documents, which is a true test to his report writing abilities. He has vast experience in social media and website content development and analysis. Stephine has rich expertise in the design and development of promotional material, programme briefs, newsletters which is shared among wide range of readers in Africa. He also has passion for professional photography and documentary development which earned him an award in photography for USAID-funded programmes in 2016.He is a social researcher who has worked on donor relations-USG related projects with various international non-governmental organizations like Global Communities, where he also works as a part of a monitoring and evaluation team.

Stephine currently serve as the Director Communications and Knowledge Management at the International Centre for Evaluation and Development(ICED).