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ICED seeks to provide leadership in continuously research, develop and deploy cutting-edge and cost-effective innovations and best practices, to transform evaluation, to promote data driven decision making aimed at accelerating development in Africa. In addition, ICED want to raise the visibility, awareness, influence and of overall contribution of ICED on the continent. ICED intend to achieve this vision through three broad strategies; (a) Innovations in Evaluation Research, (b) Collaborations with Strategic Partners, and (c) Evaluation Knowledge Management.

Innovations in Evaluation Research

  • Spearhead the development and deployment of innovations in evaluation through continuous review of methodologies and approaches to evaluation in Africa to identify best practices and innovations (including cutting edge and cost effective approaches)
  • Provide leadership and strategic input in the design, development and implementation of innovations in evaluation (e.g. real time monitoring and mobile/remote data collection)
  • Collaborate with and support the development of new initiatives, research and innovations to transform evaluation to promote data-driven decision along cross-cutting themes.
  • Share, evaluate, and advance strategies to promote the research capabilities of the unit’s personnel to enable them undertake evaluation research.

Collaborations with Strategic Partners

  • Cultivate and manage collaborations with identified bilateral, regional, national and local partners and institutions for knowledge exchange and mutual learning in evaluation in Africa.
  • Establish synergies with governments, private and philanthropic organizations, donors, and funding agencies to create new opportunities for evaluation research in Africa
  • Communicate research capabilities and develop concept notes and proposals for funding innovative research in evaluation

Evaluation Knowledge Management

  • Develop the systems, processes and tools to better acquire and capture knowledge (including indigenous knowledge) in evaluation to support decision making in Africa.
  • Develop appropriate dissemination systems to share and use quality and reliable evaluation data with strategic partners and other stakeholders
  • Provide consultancy in evaluation to front-line practitioners
  • Publish reports, working papers and policy briefs among other writings
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