Executive Leadership Program in Monitoring and Evaluation for Public and Private Sector

The profession and practice of monitoring and evaluation is still evolving. Experiences and innovation in Africa, including those based on indigenous context and cultures offer significant potential to enhance monitoring and evaluation theory and practice. Monitoring and Evaluation is a relatively new field that has emerged from a diverse array of applied social sciences. Although it is practice-oriented, there has been a proliferation of programs in monitoring and evaluation that just prescribe to theory than actual practice. The Executive Leadership Program in Monitoring and Evaluation for Public and Private Sector is designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice.  It is led by a team of professionals who combines years of extensive practical experience in monitoring and evaluation for development in international institutions as well as African-based organizations. They are rooted in practical experience gained globally and are fully aware of all the theories and practices that have shaped evaluation as a profession.

Program Goals: To advance evaluation theory and practice in support of sustained and resilient development in countries and regions in Africa and the Global South

Program Purpose: To address gaps in the evaluative capabilities and knowledge of development executives, M&E professionals and non-professionals, policy makers from public and private sector organizations, evaluation consultants/practitioners, evaluation steering committee members, and those commissioning evaluations.

Course Objectives:

  • To bridge the gap between monitoring and evaluation theory and practices in Africa and other global south countries
  • To understand the basic concepts and practical approaches for performance monitoring and evaluation in public and private sectors.
  • To learn state-of-the-art, tools and techniques used specifically to monitor and evaluate development programs in public and private sectors in Africa.
  • To gain hands-on experience in designing monitoring and evaluation plans for public and private sector use
  • To learn how to commission evaluation and effectively use monitoring and evaluation findings for sound management decision making, accountability and learning in the African context and culture
  • Develop monitoring and evaluation plans and agendas to support organization and institutional strategic priority plans.

Course Content:

The workshop offers an intensive training that will cover the fundamental concepts and tools for monitoring and evaluating public and private sector development programs. The course will include all elements that are needed to design, build, and implement effective monitoring and evaluation plans for organization and institutions in Africa.


This course is run in a workshop-style using classroom lectures and executive learning methodologies. Group work and individual project development will be worked on during the three weeks. Workshops provide a space for participants to learn from each other by sharing knowledge and experiences, and for each individual to develop an action plan for the institutionalization of monitoring and evaluation for their organization and institutions with follow-up coaching provided on an individual basis


Participants should have a good understanding and appreciation of monitoring and evaluation and be in a position to; use the concepts and principles of monitoring and evaluation to assess outcomes and impacts of public and private investment; capture the progress, success, and failures of interventions, program and policy; inform  management decisions, strategic planning and risk management; provide accountability to development stakeholders; and contribute to broader knowledge and learning in the field of sustainable development.

To achieve these outcomes full participation is required and there will be no passive learning.  Participants will have the opportunity to share their experiences and best practices regarding designing monitoring and evaluations plans and individual coaching and mentoring in developing action plan for their organizations.

The course is aimed at: Public and private sector directors and managers, M&E professionals and non-professionals, policy makers in Africa and other Global South countries, evaluation consultants/practitioners, evaluation steering committee members, and those commissioning evaluations.

For more information contact info@iced-eval.org