Capacity building is integral to the International Centre for Evaluation and Development’s (ICED‘s) efforts that seeks to provide, inspire, and support thought and practice leadership in evaluation profession. The evaluation profession is becoming a very fashionable field of work worldwide, and as such is attracting people who may lack sufficient skills and insights to do justice to the demands of the profession. Professionals need the ability to understand development challenges in the Global South in depth, nuance and sensitivity to culture and context. Capacity strengthening efforts seeks to enhance evaluative thinking and evaluative aspects of monitoring and evaluation among monitoring and valuation professionals and new entrants into the evaluation profession.

ICED aims to fill significant, unconventional gaps in the education of Monitoring and Evaluation specialists as well as influential actors outside the Monitoring and Evaluation arena. It will do this through mentoring, couching, exposure to research and practice, and special education initiatives conducted in a manner that will make a significant difference to the field of Monitoring and Evaluation for development in Africa. ICED will develop mentoring and exposure opportunities that are context- and culture-sensitive. The professionalisation efforts intended here are poised to encourage new entrants into the evaluation profession and ICED will work collaboratively with academic institution in establishing courses of study. To do this requires agility and strong professional networks, especially from different professions and disciplines in the currently under-represented Global South, in order to lead and stay current in a fast-moving world.

ICED is dedicated to the advancement of evaluation theory and practice in the Global South through offering evaluation professional trainings in three main areas: i) Leadership, ii) Evaluation Communications, and iv) Management Decision-Making.

This strategy details the vision, mission, goal and programs that ICED provides in support of monitoring and evaluation professional. A key to the success of the implementation of the strategy will be the continuing participation and commitment of development partners and stakeholders, universities and other education and training institution.

ICED Education Goal, Objectives and Strategy

The goal of ICED capacity strengthening and professional development program is to promote evaluation theory and practice, and utilization of high quality evaluation that foster sustainable effective evaluation practice.

Specific Objectives:

  1. Improve capacity and practices of evaluation professionals to manage, use and conduct evaluations
  2. Enhance professional skills in evaluation theory and practice in the Global South
  3. Improve effectiveness of evaluation process (programs, products, personnel, policy, performance, research, theory and practice) for sustained changes and long term impacts.

The priority strategies for accomplishing these objectives are:

  1. Provide institutional-based educational experiences that facilitate hands-on exploration of evaluation theory and practice.
  2. Include relevant estuarine research and data in reserve professional training and education programs.
  3. Collaborate with universities and training institution on curricula/course module development.
  4. Expand training for new entrants, executives and managers and doctoral candidates

Desired outcomes of ECID Education Programs include:

  1. Improved expertise of evaluation professional at the national, regional and global South levels, contributing to informed decision making and more enlightened change
  2. Enhanced monitoring and evaluation for development capabilities in both the Global North and Africa
  3. Better informed actors with influence in the Monitoring and Evaluation domain
  4. Working adults and aspiring career professionals who want to acquire new skills in evaluation.
  5. New entrants into evaluation as a professional
  6. High level executives and managers working in other arenas who are interested in learning more about evaluation
  7. Graduate Students, post-graduate students, and research fellows

Upcoming Events

ALL-IN Research Grant Proposal Capacity Building Workshop

United States International University- Africa, Nairobi Kenya

November 2 to November 4, 2021



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