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The Advancing Local Leadership, Innovation and Networks (ALL-IN) program is a collaborative research grant program run by the BASIS Market Risk and Resilience Innovation Lab at UC-Davis (MRR) and the International Centre for Evaluation and Development based in Nairobi (ICED). ALL-IN aims to shift the locus of research control to economists in African countries. ALL-IN is designed to provide the historically under-resourced African economic research community the resources it needs to fully engage and further develop and to fully utilize local institutions’ clear pathways to local policy impacts. African researchers will take the lead in defining priorities and will draw on US university-based mentors for support as needed to enhance their capacity in implementation and management of large-scale research projects.

Research proposals from ALL-IN applicants are due 31st August 2020. Nearly 150 researchers from eligible African research institutions expressed their intention to submit a research proposal, and funding is available to ultimately support 9-12 grants. Research funds will become available in early 2021.

Applicants have been asked to include a letter of commitment from a US mentor with their research proposal. ICED and MRR have been assisting some applicants to connect with potential mentors in their area of interest. In confirming their commitment to a project, mentors are expressing their willingness to work with the researcher in the future. They are not referring nor certifying the quality of the proposal. Mentors may, but are not required to, participate in the development of the proposal.

Other aspects of the ALL-IN program that mentors and potential mentors may wish to know are:

• Mentors must be ready to support the PI in both project refinement and implementation;

• Mentors are encouraged to support intellectual growth and development of the PI, provide professional guidance and support mentees to build networks with relevant professionals and researchers;

• Most projects will last 3-4 years, and mentors should be prepared to stay with the project for its duration;

• Mentors may be co-authors in the research output and results and may be asked to participate in outreach and dissemination events;

• ALL-IN budget rules allow coverage of mentor expenses to be paid directly by the PI’s institution or by ICED;

• Budget rules also allow allocation of up to 10-15% for professional development activities. Mentors can support their mentees to acquire technical skills required to effectively lead and implement the research, including (but not limited to) specialized courses, travel to work with mentors on key skills and a broad variety of professional development activities will be considered if appropriate to the proposed research activities and the required capacities

Please contact David Ameyaw ( or Michael Carter ( if you have any questions. We thank you for helping us with the ALL-IN program.

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