ICED hosted the Evidence to Action Conference in Nairobi from May 24th-25th,2017

Participants at the Systematic Review training at ISSER, University of Ghana


Participants of ICED Systematic Review, Morogoro, Tanzania

USADF Convening 2018 5-7th March, Accra Ghana


ICED is set up as an independent non-profit entity, with a business model that is based on multiple sources of income and in-kind contributions. We are committed to transparency and independence and we commission and conduct our activities in line with the highest ethical and technical standards, independent of any undue influence. ICED independence provides opportunity to develop, manage and/or implement strategic evaluations, as outlined in the notion of independent democratic evaluation, and our business model shapes our performance, relevance, identity and sustainability.

ICED is proud to accept funding and we depends on grants, impact investing, and on other forms of non-financial support from multiple institutions involved in scholarly work and thought leadership in the theory and practice of Monitoring and Evaluation for development. We partner with those focussed on our priority areas, work that is complemented by contracts to develop and test innovations in the field, synthesise knowledge for development, inform policy and strategy, and advise organisations accordingly.

ICED supports core and general operating cost, direct project cost, and specific research in Monitoring and Evaluationfrom a diverse pool of grants and contracts.   We do not accept funding that seeks to impose limits or restrictions on ICED’s independence in research, findings, conclusions or other products.

The main Business model for ICED is as follows:


ICED aims is to provide, inspire, and support thought and practice leadership in Monitoring and Evaluation in Africa and we seek to cultivate leadership in Africa in conceptualising and practicing Monitoring and Evaluation that can translate into innovations and advances in both theory and practice in support of development. It is rooted in practical realities and experiences across cultures and contexts.

As first Evaluation Think Tank based in Africa and led by Africans  that focuses explicitly on research and innovation in Monitoring and Evaluation for development, ICED seeks core support to create or improve the organizational settings and to build and develop its internal capacity to be able to deliver the objectives and impacts on Monitoring and Evaluation for development. The focus of ICED core funding is organizational development. Core funding will support ICED to create or improve the organizational settings of its development, its deliverables, and its impact on the policy and development program environment

ICED core funds will be institutional support grants to develop its team competency and style of working.  Core and institutional support grants will enable ICED to go through the process of establishing and improving its capacity in its priority areas of work. It will cover leadership, management and personal cost needed to design and test its model of advancing research and innovation in Monitoring and Evaluation by highlighting, triggering and catalysing thought and practice leadership in Africa.



ICED undertakes research in Monitoring and Evaluation for development activities that contribute to better informed development policy and programs  and enhanced development policy and programs effectiveness with the aim to improve the  dignity and wellbeing of individual, society and ecosystems. To achieve this goal ICED seeks project and research in Monitoring and Evaluation funding to undertakes initiatives that support and promote such activities.

ICED works with development agencies, institutions, and partners on specific projects and research activities that contributes to innovation and strategy in Monitoring and Evaluationfor development in Africa. ICED links project and research cost to available donors and sponsors and demonstrates to donors that their funding are being used for its intended purposes. These funding include both direct cost and indirect cost elements that covers the full cost of a research project.  ICED ensures the technical qualities that makes it competitive in global south and it demonstrates and shows an understanding of its costs and control of and accountability of its use of donor funding.  ICED seeks to partner with donor agencies to design specific projects and research agendas with specific deliverables that will to achieve mutual impact and per the terms of and objectives of the specific project.

ICED works on short and long-term projects and research activities and seeks to commit dedicated resources to initiatives.



ICED continuously seeks and works with partners and affiliates to promote Monitoring and Evaluation in development theory and practices. The extensive experience, profiles, and connections of its founders will enable ICED to draw expertise from a network of mutually beneficial partnerships, alliances and associates mobilised from within and outside the Monitoring and Evaluation arena, and all carefully selected for their innovative thinking, deep insights, and mastery of relevant fields. ICED will do joint and collaborative project and research design, development, and implementation strategies with its partners and affiliates in the areas of research in evaluation, advocacy, and communication, public engagements and consultations.

ICED strategies calls for collaboration and in its effort to use advance research and innovation in Monitoring and Evaluation to highlight, trigger and catalyse thought and practice leadership in Africa, the role of partners and affiliates in the area of Monitoring and Evaluation and other professions is very crucial.