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Dr Isaac Osei-Akoto

Associate Senior Evaluation Fellow

Dr Isaac Osei -Akoto, (PhD Development Economics.) Senior Research Fellow with ISSER, a Senior Measurement, Learning and Evaluation Advisor and the Head of Statistics and Survey Division at ISSER. He has extensive experience in conducting research projects across Ghana and West Africa. In doing this, he has gained deeper understanding of the technical skills and the experience in conducting rigorous impact evaluations in Ghana and West Africa. He has played key roles in about 35 research projects within the West African sub-region during the past ten years and published widely in the areas of household economics, poverty, health care financing and other related fields. He has consulted for the Government of Ghana, World Bank, UNICEF, UNDP, AGRA, DFID, and USAID, among others on economic development issues.

Dr. Osei-Akoto has experience collaborating on research across all regions in Ghana, and has recently published a study on rainfall indexed insurance with Dean Karlan, Christopher Udry and Robert Darko Osei. He also led a team to conduct a comprehensive population based baseline survey for the Feed the Future Project (FtF) in Ghana. This was part of a technical support service to the USAID sponsored Monitoring, Evaluation and Technical Support Services (METSS) office in Ghana, which is setup to assist the implementation of FtF. His recent research on the youth in Ghana involves using randomized control trials to study the effects of savings with formal financial institutions on how young people do in school, how they think about their futures, their attitudes about health issues and money, and how savings affect household finances. It is one of the projects that put together partners in a consortium of researchers and implementers to achieve results.

On his contributions to Science he has worked extensively on development economics with a particular focus on the agricultural sector. Also, much of his research on health has focused on the social determinants of health in Ghana: - Sexually transmitted infections, maternal mortality, and mental health have been a particular interest. Dr. Osei- Akoto has also worked on economic and policy-related aspects of health insurance and health care financing in Ghana.

The unit he leads at ISSER, Measurement, Learning and Evaluation Unit (MLE) provides state of the art and efficient services that ensure successful implementation of many projects. The MLE Unit has an efficient research project implementation team, a group of computer assisted personal interview (CAPI) programmers and recent graduates with Master’s Degree to assist principal investigators on various projects.